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CAFETERIa amatxi 

Bar & Cafeteria 

Bar & Cafeteria Amatxi 

The cafeteria at Hotel Villava Pamplona is open from 8h to 23h.

It is a quiet place where you can enjoy a good coffee, or homemade skewers, as well as salads, mixed dishes, snacks, our delicious homemade pizzas! Etc.
(check Kitchen Schedule).
Free Wifi

Skewers Bar

Every day you can enjoy homemade skewers.  
We also offer a varied menu of salads, mixed dishes, sandwiches, etc.

Homemade Pizzas

Homemade pizzas are one of our star dishes!

We make them half a meter or 1 metre!
They are delicious, say our customers!

Book yours by calling T. 948 333 676
and pick her up.

The most requested are:

-Margarita (tomato, cheese and oregano)
-Vesuvius (tomato, cheese, artichokes, tuna, bacon, ham and egg)
-4 cheeses (tomato, mozzarella, emmental, Roquefort and Goat)
-Vegetarian (tomato, cheese, zucchini, red pepper, onion)
-Barbecue (tomato, cheese, minced meat, chicken, bacon, barbecue sauce)
-Hawaiian (tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms, pineapple)
-Amatxi (tomato, cheese, bacon, chicken, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, egg)
-Ham (tomato, cheese, black olives, serrano ham, mushrooms)



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